Attract new clients

with membership connections, bringing instructors and clients together. Make it easy to communicate, book, bill and receive payment.

Make it easy to do business

by creating a professional marketplace, leaving you to do what you do best for your clients

Shop included for extra earning power

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Re-positioning the fitness instructor at the top of the value chain

creating a new partnership relationship where everyone wins

Monthly Subscription Standard Plan $0.00/month Professional Plan $0.00month
Web site, video blog, member managemet
Earn extra monthly income from referring Instructor
Create schedule of physical in person classes
Create on demand and broadcast video classes
Create your shop and sell your product
Transaction Fees* Standard Plan Professional Plan
Physical in person classes 10% 5%
On demand and broadcast video classes 20% 10%
Sell your products through your shop 20% 10%
* Minumum transaction fee is 50p

Exclusive Referral Rewards

Earn over $0.00/month if you and your instructor friends can invite 10 or more instructors

Personal 20% discount code to refer new instructors

Receive referrals rewards

  • 20% from level 1
  • 10% for level 2
  • 5% from level 3 connections

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